Chao, Koching

Koching Chao is currently a PhD student in Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, where she completed her master’s degree in 2010, with a MA thesis on “The Interpretation and Transformation of the Form in Classical Nude: A Case Study of Donatello’s Bronze David.” Her research interests revolve around the origin and ideology ofall’antica style in early Renaissance Florence. Her doctoral dissertation will investigate the artwork of Florentine masters and the work of humanists. She will search for the elements of the early stages of the all’antica style that worked as centripetal force that united different aesthetic trends, and attempt to account for the flourishing of mature forms and artistic sensitivity that were reached in the High Renaissance.

趙可卿目前就讀於國立臺灣師範大學美術學系博士班,她於2010年在該校獲得碩士學位。其碩士論文題目為《古典裸像形式的闡譯與變革 : 多納太羅青銅大衛之研究 》。她的主要研究興趣是有關於仿古風格藝術在文藝復興早期佛羅倫斯的起源與意識背景。目前進行的博士論文方向是針對文藝復興時期佛羅倫斯的藝術家和人文學者的作品,梳理仿古風格的特徵,以及後續審美觀念對盛期文藝復興藝術成就之影響。