One of the most significant features of Villa I Tatti is its community. The Fellows and Visiting Professors who arrive each year from different parts of the world, are not just given the time to pursue their research but the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with fellow scholars. Whether over the lunch table or in the tranquil setting of the gardens, lively conversation and scholarly interaction are an integral aspect of daily life at the Villa. After the end of the academic year, Fellows remain part of I Tatti’s community of scholars. Thus the Center is an institute made up not merely of a given year’s scholars and visiting academics, but also of members from all former years, many of whom return regularly to work in the Biblioteca Berenson. As the new arrivals are told each September, the motto at I Tatti is, “once a Fellow, always a Fellow.” The staff members of Villa I Tatti, a majority of whom have worked at the Villa for many years, take great care and pride in ensuring that the community of Fellows and visiting academics is well looked after. The library, household, administrative, garden, farm and security staff are a vital part of I Tatti, and the well-being of the community each year is to a great extent based on their work. The success of the staff in this role can be seen in the warm, collegial and cohesive nature that is a distinguishing characteristic of life at I Tatti.


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