Liu, Haiping

Liu Haiping is a lecturer of Art History and Theories in Shandong University of Arts. She recieved her Ph.D in Wesern Modern and Contemporary Art (2012), and her M.A in Western Pre-Modern Art History (2008) at the Humanities School of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She received her B.A in Computer Science (2000) from Xidian University. She has taught Western Art History and Theory at Shandong University of Art since 2012. Her research interests include Early Renaissance in Italy, Modern and Contemporary Western Art, and Chinese Contemporary Art. She has published books and many articles, in addition to translations of Western Art History and Chinese Contemporary Art.

刘海平是山东艺术学院艺 美术学院 艺术史和理论讲师。她在中央美术学院人文学院获t得博士(2012年)和硕士学位(2008年)。她的博士专业是西方现当代艺术研究,硕士专业是西方古代艺术史。2000年她在西安电子科技大学获得计算机科学学士学位。自2012年起她在山东艺术学院 教授各时代的西方艺术史和理论。她的研究兴趣包括 意大利早期文艺复兴、西方现当代艺术、中国当代艺术等。她出版和发表了多部关于西方艺术史和中国当代艺术的书籍和论文及译文。