Nevola, Fabrizio

Fabrizio Nevola is Chair of Art History and Visual Culture at the University of Exeter (UK). In 2007 he published Siena: Constructing the Renaissance City (Yale UP) and contributed to the National Gallery exhibition catalogue Renaissance Siena: Art for a City. He is currently working on a project that considers the physical and social environment of the public space of streets in Renaissance Italy, and has published a number of articles related to this research, including the co-edited collection Experiences of the Street in Early Modern Italy in the 2013 issue of I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance. Among other projects, he is also working on a mobile phone app that provides a mobile immersive experience of life in the Renaissance city, HiddenFlorence (see: He was a fellow at I Tatti in 2004-5.

法布里奇奥·涅渥拉是英国艾希特大学艺术史和视觉文化系的系主任。在2007年,他出版了《锡耶纳:构建文艺复兴之城》(耶鲁大学出版社)一书,并且为伦敦国家美术馆展览目录《锡耶纳文艺复兴:艺术的城市》一书供稿。他目前正研究的项目是关于意大利文艺复兴时期街道公共空间的物质和社会环境,并且他已发表了很多关于这个课题的论文,其中包括他共同编辑的《塔蒂研究在意大利文艺复兴》2013年一期中的《街道体验在意大利早期现代》一文。在他的诸多项目之中,他也正致力于开发一款手机软件以提供给观众一种动态的对于文艺复兴城市生活的深入体验。这款手机软件名为“隐藏的佛罗伦萨”(详见。在 2004-05年,他是塔蒂的研究员。