I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance

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Since 1985, I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance has had a long and distinguished history as a premiere journal dedicated to seminal scholarship in the Italian Renaissance. Beginning in 2013, with Volume 16, I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance has been published twice annually as a new editor and new editorial board affirm their commitment to groundbreaking work in every aspect of the literary, religious, artistic, performative, historical, social, and scientific dimensions of Renaissance Italy. Scholars and specialists in history, art, literature, and music of the Italian Renaissance should be especially interested in the print redesign and online availability in mobile-optimized and e-reader formats, which will allow subscribers to view the journal on their smartphones and tablets.

The journal continues to consider and encourage submissions of individual essays exploring any aspect of the Italian Renaissance. I Tatti Studies maintains a double-blind review process and commits to reviewing essays within six months. For author information and for online submission, please click here. For other inquiries, please email Prof. Jane Tylus at jane.tylus[at]nyu.edu.